About Young Inventors Tech Expo '20

The aim of this expo is to support African children to innovate by catching them young!

The Young Inventors Tech Expo 2020 is a one-day event designed to bring together students from various primary and secondary schools across the country to showcase their tech ingenuity and inventions to the public under the Young Inventors Tech Expo Platform while wining prizes from our sponsors.

At the Young Inventors Tech Expo 2020, our young ones drawn from primary and secondary schools around the country and participants of our one-month Young Inventors Summer Camp 2020 will showcase and exhibit tech projects, tech solutions and their original inventions. They will also have the opportunity to tell the audience how they built their innovations and what inspired them.













Students Will Showcase their Projects and Solutions

Do you have what it takes to showcase to the public? Do have any tech Invention? Are you a student in secondary school in Nigeria or anywhere in Africa, then you need to be at the Young Inventors Tech Expo 2017. There are prizes to be won. So register today to book a space. Registration is free!

Schools are welcome to Register

Secondary and primary schools across the country are welcome to register for this expo. Wining Schools will be announced on National Newspapers. That means your school will be recognized and that means more publicity for you. Over the years our past students attending our Young Inventors Summer Camp have gone ahead to win prizes for their schools,

Sponsors are Welcome

Join us in supporting African children to innovate and showcase your products and services to this target Audience. The audience will be made up of students, Teachers, School Owners, Entrepreneurs, Tech Community, Media, and the General Public. If that sound of interest then please start the conversation by sending an email to info@miuresearch. It’s that easy.

We support African children to innovate

Last year, the maiden edition of Young Inventors Tech Expo 2016 was held in our office on August 26, 2016. Students from Young Inventors Summer Camp 2016 showcased their designs and projects to their parents and friends. This year this event will be bigger with a wider audience. Support us, let’s inspire & equip a new generation of young Scientist, Engineers, Inventors and Entrepreneurs!

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